Quick Response Helps Kura Meet Tight Timeline

Ideal Interface has just completed a transport technology project for Kura (

Kura is a corporate and educational transport specialist based in Berkshire, England. Ideal Interface was selected to help their busy team implement and deploy a replacement system for booking and CRM using Commercial Off-the Shelf (COTS) applications.

The project was delivered successfully to very tight timescales and the team is now looking to define and implement further phases of functionality.

Max Woodhead, Marketing Manager at Kura stated “it was great to work with Ideal Interface on this important project. Their technical expertise ensured we met our target launch date and continued delivering the service our customers expect”.

“Kura needed someone who could quickly mobilise and understand their requirements. Our experience in booking systems and transportation knowledge meant we could respond quickly. The time scales were tight, but we worked with the Kura team closely to help them deliver.” Hayden Sutherland, Ideal Interface

About Kura

Kura’s purpose is to enable safer, greener, smarter travel for all schools and businesses. Combining leading edge proprietary technology with the best vehicle operators nationwide, Kura enables organisations to maximise the safety, wellbeing, and productivity of their students, customers and staff, whilst driving down transport costs and CO2 emissions.

The business manages a virtual fleet of 40,000 vehicles and works with schools across the UK on trips and transport tracking over 400 routes, providing safe home to school services for over 11,000 pupils every day. Kura’s goal is to provide a more environmentally friendly way to transport children to and from school by taking cars off the road and replacing them with safe, efficient school transport services.

Kura harnesses powerful tracking and app technologies to provide a safer, greener and more intelligent school run service. By simplifying billing, analysing route efficiency and ensuring transport routes support schools’ admissions strategies; Kura is simply a more intelligent choice for schools.